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Jerusalem Artichoke - Helianthus tuberosus - Earth Apple - Whitecliff Park St. Louis MO US

White Dogwood and Mycelium

I used to view botanicals as a simple system. As something that could be controlled and managed with a simple set of instructions. After trying to let "nature take its course" in a construction aftermath landscape, I now realize how much healing our environments need to be able to embody life and to let it flourish. Nature has a consciousness of her own; when we allow her to grab hold of the breath of life, heal her waters, heal her soils, and air, when we let go of all micro-management control, only then may life flourish. I see that similarly with humans in our world. When we're allowed to wriggle our thoughts, ideas, and passions from the depths of our own soil, we have the space to leaf, flower, fruit, and seed, only then are the fruits of our labor ever so delicious, nutritious, and tasteful.

There's one component I had entirely neglected within the planning of this scape, I now realize there is still so much to learn. Upon an experiment this year, only one tree has flourished on this scape, a White Dogwood. My postulation of its thriving is due to inoculated lion's mane mushroom plugs immersed within surrounding soils along with its being planted, even though the tree is in a quite dry location. (White Dogwood Trees typically require generous waterings) Initially, there was near no life in this soil aside from the previous season's scattered leaves) There's to be further contemplation on soil life, including that of bacteria, micro-organisms, and/or mycelium in all its wonder, which has aided ou White Dogwood to hold onto life within this near barren landscape. I've found through experience that one cannot just purchase a bag of "soil" from the store and expect life to thrive in a sterile environment, we must needs remember that all life comes from life, and in a barren environment life must be inoculated back into the system to be able to thrive.

Now, I've come to terms that there is still much learning and wisdom to be gained, the journey of gaining further knowledge will continue to be an experimentation, pertaining to a wide variety of botanical species and their growing conditions. We even have a couple of mushrooms coming up now in some inoculated planting pots and are noticing a monumental difference between the health of botanicals. This experimentation and understanding are essential to our culture and sustainable survival as a people, and I pray one day I'll have mastered this art that is called Mother Earth.

White Dogwood Blossoms

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