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Douglas Fir Wintergreen Hydrasol Natural Cleaner

Douglas Fir Wintergreen Hydrasol Natural Cleaner


It's so important to be attentive to the cleaners we use on a day to day basis. This Douglas Fir Infused All Natural Cleaner is non-toxic, and family friendly. Natural cleaners disinfect with the gentle yet powerful power of mother nature. Wild crafted, Montana Made.


Douglas is veritably studied to be powerful at ameliorating bacteria, microbs, and powerful cleansing qualities. This cleaner may be used on near any surface, as an air purifyer, linen refreasher, and disinfectant with an invigorating aroma of organic Wintergreen Essential Oil. 


Douglas fir is a conifer tree that grows predominantly in the Pacific Northwesst. It's floral pine aroma with woody tones encourages deep breathing, elevating and grownding the mind. We discuss Douglas Fir is full detail in light biochemistry terms in our Sunflower Guru Podcast. Give the episode a listen to learn eternally rejuvinating qualities of Douglas Fir!

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