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I call it dreaming.

This envision, this escape.

Vacantness manifests tranquility,

Master at play.

Angel skies, painted scape, 

Heaven sighted,



Patience, calm. Song seen or abide, 

Grateful hearts will wonder with admiring eyes.

Existence of FREEDOM we will find.


Podcast now launched!

"Have strong beliefs loosely held; understand you're never finished learning. Be a student in life."

Hi! I'm Ray

A researcher of permaculture, sustainability, and medicinal, edibles, and the relationship between plants and people and land. 

Architecture and landscape design while has the potential to utilize yield and purpose of helpful botanicals. 


We, as people of the land, have a responsibility and privilage to honor that which the divine has created. That which has the potential to connect us all. 


Remember, Seeds must be planted to grow.


Check out the Sunflower Guru Podcast for a deep dive into botanical sustainability and exclusive expert interviews! Script and resources are available in the blog.



Helianthus tuberosis leaves - Earth Apple - Jerusalem Artichoke - Unsplash license.jpg
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