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I call it dreaming.

This envision, this escape.

Vacantness manifests tranquility,

Master at play.

Angel skies, painted scape, 

Heaven sighted,



Patience, calm. Song seen or abide, 

Grateful hearts will wonder with admiring eyes.

Existence of FREEDOM we will find.


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"Have strong beliefs loosely held; understand you're never finished learning. Be a student in life."

Alexis Ren

Sunflower handcrafts each and every product sold in the store. Each bottle veritably holds a bit of love. 

Meet Sunflower

A researcher of permaculture, sacred ancient practice, and medicinal qualities that botanicals embody. Natural   healing, sustainable living, ecological restoration and renovation of vital landscapes sculpted intentionally for maximum yield, beauty, and functionality within specific growing conditions. 

 Since the colonization of developed societies, we've   greatly lost touch with the intimacy of our   environments and how we are rooted in our   relationship with surrounding botanicals, outside of   modern, industrialized ways of living. 









We, as people of this land, have a responsibility and   privilege of harnessing this relationship with mother     earth and harness the knowledge and power to   reconnect with that which brings us life. 


 "We're all so different, yet so the same. We're all just out here trying to live our best lives which yearn for that which may bring us health,  happiness, breath of life."



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Here at Sunflower Guru we strive to live healthfully, illuminating wonders the natural world has to offer. We invoke thoughtfulness and encourage open minds. We strive to implement healing habits that attribute to elevation of our daily lives and to share growth in its many forms.

Products are home brewed of wildcrafted plants.  Products available will vary depending on environmental circumstances!

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